Join Our PTA - Together We Make a Difference!

By joining the PTA, you play a crucial role in supporting our school and its students. Your involvement helps create a positive and enriching environment for everyone. As a PTA member, you can:

Be Informed: Stay updated on school events, activities, and important news that directly impact your child's education. 
Have a Voice: Contribute to decision-making processes that shape our school's direction. Your ideas and input are vital to our success. 
Support Fundraising Efforts: Assist in fundraising initiatives that directly benefit our students, providing resources for educational programs, events, and more.  No time to volunteer?  No Problem!  Joining the PTA is already a huge help! 
Build Community: Connect with other families, teachers, and staff members, fostering a sense of unity within our school.
Make a Positive Impact: Your involvement helps create a nurturing and thriving learning environment for all students.

We encourage you to become a PTA member and share your unique skills and perspectives. Whether you have a little time or a lot, every contribution makes a difference. Join us in making this school year the best it can be!

To become a PTA member, please visit [website link] or attend our upcoming PTA meeting on January 23rd, at the Maple Hills School Library. We look forward to welcoming you to the PTA family and working together to support our amazing school and its incredible students.

Thank you