Staff Wish Lists!


The Maple Hills PTA wanted to share a great way to support our amazing educators and staff at Maple Hills Elementary.

The PTA has collects a number of educator and staff Amazon Wish Lists shared below. 

All you have to do is browse to the grade you wish to support, click on the educator or staff name. The Amazon wish list for that individual will be displayed – add the item you wish to sponsor to your cart.

We have also included the PE, Music & Office requests as well as the Counselor's Office.

Browsing the wish-lists below is just one way to support our amazing Maple Hills Team throughout the school year: whether it is at the start of the school year, the holiday seasons, ‘just because’ or during ‘Staff Appreciation Week’. 

Please know that gifts are not required and there is absolutely no pressure for any family or child to give gifts, the below lists is only to be a helpful resource for those that show appreciation through gifts. 

***When ordering items, please place the name of the teacher/staff it is intended for in the Message section.

💗Don't forget to check the "Is this a gift?" box so they know who it is from 💗

Addressed to:
(Teacher Name)
C/O Maple Hills Elementary
15644 204th Ave SE
Renton, WA 98059

Staff & Educator Wish-Lists:


Allard, Isabella

Fisher, Becky

Walton, Andie



First Grade

Crawford, Michela

Gauvey, Heather

LeCoq, Lisa

Weltmer, Lluvia


Second Grade

Daquioag-Bonoan, Jheyzle

Friend, Sarah

Hayes, Erin

Johnson, Lauren



Third Grade

Brunell, Kelly

Lehl, Krystal


Fourth Grade

Dusenberry, Hannah

Grassley, Ashley

Tutor, Jodi


Fifth Grade

Sanford, Betsy

Santos-Lawry, Courtney

Reynolds, Lorissa



Stempson, Christina



Campbell, Kari



O'Brien, Abby


Office Staff

Support Staff Group Wish List-Under Construction

Ms. Tapper

Ms. Magee

Sonya Day

Albertina Kaiser

Nichole Treadway

Whitney Schepper


Counselor's Office

Amber Bryant



Paraprofessionals & Support Staff

Devon Deaton (Special Education LRC 1)

Sara Chase (Elementary Teacher LRC 1)