FAQ: Maple Hills PTA Board

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1. What is the PTA?

  • The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is a volunteer organization that supports the school community by organizing events, fundraisers, and programs aimed at enhancing the educational experience for students.

2. Why is the PTA important?

  • The PTA plays a vital role in fostering a sense of community within the school and advocating for the needs of students, teachers, and families. It provides opportunities for collaboration between parents and educators to create a positive learning environment.

3.What impact can you have as a PTA Board Volunteer?

  • Collaborate with dedicated parents, teachers, and administrators to enhance the educational journey of our students. 
  • Organize fun and engaging events that foster a sense of community and support school spirit. 
  • Advocate for important issues affecting our school and students at local and state levels. 
  • Participate in decision-making processes that directly impact school policies and programs. 
  • Develop leadership skills and build meaningful relationships with fellow members.
  • Added leadership skills and experience to your resume!

4. What is the time commitment?

  • Each position on the PTA board entails a distinct time commitment, and the level of dedication you allocate to your role will directly influence its success. We are so lucky to have a diverse school community and the PTA board comprises individuals with family members who may be employed full-time, part-time, or be stay-at-home parents. To get a better idea of the time commitments, you can reach out to the current board members for more information:  (https://maplehillspta.com/Page/PTA/Board%20Members).
  • The executive board meets monthly and hosts quarterly General Membership meetings and works on subcommittees for events and other programs as needed.

5. Do I need to have any PTA experience?

  • No prior experience is necessary – all you need is enthusiasm and a willingness to contribute your time and ideas. Whether you're a seasoned volunteer or new to the PTA scene, we welcome individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life.
  • Former PTA Board members and current members will support you during the transition and learning phase. Additionally, there are numerous training resources available, including training videos on WA State PTA positions and regulations, as well as a National Convention which the PTA allocates funds for. As a new member, you would be expected to participate in the convention relevant to your position.

5. What kind of impact would I have as a Board Member?

  • Joining our PTA Board is not just about volunteering; it's about becoming part of a dedicated team committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our children and community. Together, we can create memorable experiences, advocate for important causes, and support the academic success of every student.

6. Who can be a part of the PTA Board?

  • Anyone interested in supporting the school community can join the PTA, including parents, teachers, school staff, and community members. Membership is open to all, regardless of background or affiliation.

7. In what ways does the PTA provide supplemental funding to the school?

  • Fundraising Events: Organizing events such as community events like Pizza Bingo, Ice Skating, Sporting events (Thunderbirds Hockey), bi-annual auction, Poinsettia Sales, to raise funds.
  • Membership Dues: Collecting membership fees or membership fee donations from PTA members, which can contribute to the funding pool.
  • Grant Writing: Applying for grants from governmental agencies, foundations, or businesses that support educational initiatives.
  • Corporate Sponsorships: Seeking sponsorships from local businesses or corporations that are willing to invest in education.
  • Spirit Wear Sales: Selling school-branded merchandise such as T-shirts, hoodies, or water bottles to generate revenue.
  • Direct Donations: Encouraging parents, community members, and businesses to make direct monetary donations to the school.
  • Passive Fundraising: Participating in programs like Box Tops for Education or encouraging volunteers to earmark their corporate donations (Microsoft or T-Mobile) to go towards the school.
  • Community Events: Hosting community-building events like Fall Dance with donations or popcorn sales contributing to funding.
  • School Counseling Office:  PTA provides assistance to the counselors office for families that McKinney/Vento program.

8. How does the PTA engage the community?

  • The PTA works with other parent/family volunteer committees for fundraising and advocacy. Have you enjoyed school events such as Pizza Bingo, Art Walk, Fall Dance, Book Fair, or the Variety Show?
  • Have you been helped by the Student Directory, New Parent Orientation, PTA News, or the Yearbook?
  • Has your child participated in the Art Programs, STEM Fair, Eagle Reader, Field Day, or Popcorn Fridays?
  • The items listed above is only a small list of the programs and contributions to the school and educational experiences for our students. For a full list of how PTA makes a difference see the "Why PTA" Link: https://maplehillspta.com/Page/PTA/Member%20Benefits


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