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2024 - 2025 PTA Board Nominating Committee

Heather Stiles:

Sukhman Ghumman:

Yaz Armstrong:

Ali Lapinsky:

The charge of the nominating committee is to recognize and recruit the most qualified people
available for elected PTA positions as defined by the local PTA or council standing rules. The
members of the nominating committee have a tremendous influence on the future of the local
PTA or council, making it the most important committee in PTA. A well-established process for identifying and nominating qualified people to step into leadership positions will ensure success for many years into the future.

Members of the nominating committee must be elected by the members of the local PTA or
council. Committee work includes holding confidential meetings, reviewing nominations,
interviewing candidates, and searching for the best qualified candidates. The nominating
committee is not charged with filling the non-elected positions on the PTA board of directors.
When their work is complete, this committee provides a written report to the membership that
names qualified nominees for the elected positions on the PTA board of directors.

Reference: WA State PTA Nominating Committee and Elections Handbook