Staff Spotlight

(March, 2024)

Celebrating Our Dynamic Health Duo,

Nichole and Whitney!


Hey Maple Hills Families!

Get ready to meet the dynamic duo keeping our school healthy and safe: Nichole, our Health Room Specialist, and Whitney, our School Nurse. These two are the heartbeat of our health office, and we're thrilled to shine a spotlight on their incredible work!

Meet the Health Heroes:

Whitney and Nichole work together in the school health office, juggling a wide range of responsibilities including student care, first aid, communication, medication management, health screenings, and ensuring compliance with state protocols. Despite their different roles, they emphasize collaboration and teamwork to support students' health and well-being.

Nichole and Whitney regularly wear many hats in the health room. From comforting students to managing health care plans, they do it all. Together Whitney and Nichole are an amazing team. And bonus - they're both Maple Hills locals, making their commute a breeze!

A little bit about each of our amazing health room duo!

Nichole: "Since I was young, I have always been interested in health care and helping care for those that may not be able to help themselves. I used to be a medical assistant at a pediatric office for 8 years but wanted a better balance of work/home life. The school hours schedule and my commute can't be beat ( I live in Maple Hills 😉). I also love seeing the kids grow over the years."

Whitney: "I decided to transition from the operating room to school nursing when my oldest daughter went off to kindergarten here at Maple Hills. Working at my daughter’s school is a blessing. It allows me to get to know her teachers, friends, and their families. I love the schedule and better work/life balance too! I also enjoy working with children, helping them learn to care for and advocate for themselves. This community is wonderful and I feel like I am contributing to the safety and health of our community."

The Health Room Hub: From headaches to major injuries, Nichole and Whitney see it all. Their trusty ice packs and bandages are always at the ready. But beyond the basics, they offer a listening ear and a comforting presence for our students in need.

Heartwarming Moments:

For Nichole, hearing parents express their trust in their care is the ultimate reward. Nichole says that “As a parent, I can't imagine anything better than feeling that my child is safe.” 

And Whitney? She cherishes those hallway hellos and bright smiles from students. It's these small gestures that make their day!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Collaboration is key, and Nichole and Whitney excel at it. They're constantly in touch with teachers, administrators, and parents to ensure every student's health needs are met. Email is their go-to for keeping everyone in the loop, and they make sure no one's left out.

Promoting Health Education: Nichole and Whitney aren't just about fixing boo-boos; they're all about prevention too. Whether it's a classroom chat on hand hygiene or tips for parents on when to keep sick kiddos home, they've got our back. As a parent, Nichole relayed that, “…when a student stays home ill or we hear of certain symptoms, I communicate with families about the protocols for return to school to help keep the school community as healthy as possible.”  This highlights the crucial role of communication in promoting a healthy school community.

Essential Skills: Flexibility, kindness, and compassion are at the top of their skillset list. And in emergencies, their ability to prioritize and stay calm is second to none!

Tips for Parents: There is a lot of importance when it comes to communication and collaboration between families and the Health Office. Together Nichole and Whitney have some golden advice for parents: keep them in the loop! Whether it's health changes or concerns, communication is key. And if your kiddo's feeling under the weather, it's best to keep them home to prevent spreading illness.

Together they say, “The biggest things parents can do to help us help them be successful from a health standpoint is alert the health room to any health changes, new diagnosis', medications needed at school, accommodations that may be needed, or when in doubt, ask us!"

Also, if your student has had a temp of 100.0+, vomiting, diarrhea, significant cough, or just feels miserable, please keep them home. This helps them feel better sooner, but also helps control the spread of illnesses to staff and students.

Something else we would love for parents to know is we want your kids at school. We are in education and want them to learn, but sometimes being ill is not conducive to their learning. Whitney and I work really hard to assess students and if we deem, they are too ill to be at school, it wasn't an easy decision.

We are both working parents and understand the difficulty of picking up sick kids or keeping them home, but we promise, it is for their own benefit and the communities.”

Why They Love Our Little Ones: Elementary kids are a joy to work with, according to Nichole and Whitney. Their enthusiasm and openness to learning make every day an adventure. They love seeing how eager our kiddos are to learn and take care of themselves. Plus, they're just so darn cute!

Need to reach them? Here's the scoop:

  • Whitney's Hours: M, Tu 8:50 - 2:50, & Th 8:50 - 2:20. Phone: 425-837-5145.
  • Nichole's Hours: M, Tu, Th, F 8:35-3:55, & W 8:35-1:45. Phone: 425-837-5144.


Help a Health Hero Out: Feeling generous? The health room could always use more stretchy pants and shorts, especially in sizes 5-8. Amazon Gift cards are also helpful. Your support means the world to them!

Let's give a round of applause to Nichole and Whitney for their dedication to keeping our Maple Hills kiddos healthy and happy. You two rock!