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What is an Art Docent?

An Art Docent is a volunteer who teaches art in the classroom at Maple Hills Elementary.

Art Docents can be one person, two people or a team working together for each class. Historically, the Art Docents provide an art project about once a month. Art Docents will collaborate with teachers to figure out frequency and best time to provide an art lesson.

As an art docent, you will help students gain an appreciation for art and give them the opportunity to create something beautiful. The children love to participate, and we teach them critical thinking skills.


Why do we have an Art Docent Program?

Did you know that our schools do not provide art teachers due to budget constraints?

To ensure there is still art in our school, our PTA volunteers provide art lessons in every classroom through the Art Docent program.

We rely on MANY volunteers to keep the program running. Volunteering to teach art is a terrific way to help out in the classroom and support art in our schools.


When do you help out in the classroom?

You will teach students about famous artists and art appreciation by offering an art class each month to your kiddo’s classroom. What we need from your volunteer commitment is a couple of hours a month to prep, teach a class and clean up.

Support and materials will be provided, and lessons are on our website.

We also ask for your help to set up a table for our annual Art Walk May 3rd, 2024 that will highlight every child’s work.

This is a wonderful opportunity to stay connected in your child’s creative education.


You Do NOT Have to Be an Artist or a Teacher

Just a desire to help students gain an appreciation for art and a couple of hours each month to teach an art class.

Maple Hills PTA provides all materials as well as lessons that are on our webpage.


Questions? Email:

Please join us for Art Docent Kick-Off Meeting:

Friday, September 22 at 2pm in the P902 trailer (click here to add to your calendar)

See you there!