2024 Maple Hills Elementary

STEM Night and Science Fair

Take a look at the pictures in the link below to see how amazing this years STEM Night Science Fair was!  Thank you to all those who made it possible. 

Thank you to April Chan for Chairing this amazing event.

Thank you to the volunteers who accepted and displayed the projects: Mary Michael Charap, April Chan, Maureen Berberian, Maggie Schulze

Thank you to our judges: John Vogel, Sara Nied, Brandon Oosterhof, Jennifer Schulien, Deb North, Natalie Anderson, Ken Brunell

We would not have had an incredibly set up venue without the Set Up Crew: Mary Michael, Hali Howie, April Chan and Meghann Ison

Thank you to the Activities Team: Aaron Ison, Brandon Oosterhof, David Anderson, Zina Shaughnessy, Graham McIntyre, Elizabeth Murchison

And importantly, those who stayed to clean up: Zina Shaughnessy, Elizabeth Murchison, Meghann Ison and Aaron Ison